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Jaffer Salman

All the information below was received by Eye4Freedom from reliable sources in Bahrain, Jaffer’s family friends and respected human rights activists.

This is Jaffer Salman. Before it happened.

Jaffer Salman before he was shot in the face

Jaffer has two twin daughters, age five now (they were approaching age four when it happened).

Jaffer Salman's twin daughters

Jaffer Salman with one of his daughters during happier times

Jaffer was a hard working family man, well respected in his village. He never stopped working.

Jaffer Salman, a well respected man

Even through the tough times, when everyone was out protesting, Jaffer ignored the tanks, the masked soldiers, and the regime thugs parading his streets. Instead he got up every morning regardless of what was happening around him and went to work.

Jaffer Salman at work

On 15th March 2011, Jaffer called his wife to see if she wanted him to fetch anything from the shops on his way home from work.

Jaffer Salman with daughters in supermarket

ButJaffar never returned home.

He nearly did. He arrived just outside his house. But as got out of his car, riot police shot him at close range, in the face, with birdshot pellets from a shotgun.

Jaffer Salman in Hospital

Jaffar was not even protesting when he was shot. He was just returning home from work.

Jaffar received approximately 80 birdshot pellets to the face. Some in his eyes.

Jaffar was taken to the Salmaniya hospital where doctors said that one of his eyes had exploded. The other eye was severely injured.

So severe were Jaffar’s wounds that doctors had to sew his eyelids shut.

To the horror of his family, when the army overtook the hospital on 17th March they came into his room and arrested him in that state.

The masked soldiers were shocked to see the condition he was in, but that did not stop them putting a bag over his head and carrying him from the hospital.

Jaffer Salman in Hospital

Jaffer Salman in hospital

His family did not see or hear from him for months.

During that time Jaffer was sentenced to two years in prison, by a military court, without a lawyer or his family present.

It was five months before his family were allowed to visit him in prison.

His family do not know much about what happened during those five months.

Jaffer’s daughters miss him a lot and are always asking for him

Jaffar Salman's Daughters

During their last visit to the prison, as one of his daughters played with Jaffer, she pulled on his sleeve, and his family saw the marks of burns on his arms.

For the first time his family asked Jaffer, “What happened during those months?”. Jaffer replied, “I don’t want to speak of those days”.

Jaffer Salman's daughter wonders what happened to her Baba

Other people who were also prisoners at that time have told how he was severely tortured and electrocuted.

You can read more about how Jaffer was tortured whilst in prison here.

Jaffer is almost completely blind now, losing vision even in the one eye that could have been saved.

In this letter from prison Jaffer writes “I write, but I almost do not see the words I am writing. I ask for your prayers.”

Jaffer Salman's letter from prison

This video was put together by Jaffer’s friends, as a plea to the world, asking for help.


Jaffer’s daughters are now growing up strong, but without their father.

Jaffer Salman's brave daughters

UPDATE: Jaffer was finally released on appeal on Sunday 12th August 2012. Thank-you for all your support with the campaign! Now we must write to the Bahraini government to request compensation for Jaffer and his family as they have suffered greatly.


How Jaffer Salman was tortured in prison

The following information is embedded from Storify. It may take a minute to load.

Torture of Jaffer Salman in Bahrain

First he was shot in the eyes at close range with birdshot pellets. Then he was arrested from hospital, a bag put over his head, and he was taken away to be tortured. Here Zainab Alkhawaja tells a little about what she learnt happened to him in prison. He is still in prison in Bahrain.

Storified by Jamila Hanan (aka Frankie Dolan) · Tue, Jun 26 2012 09:48:12

Find more about Jaffer Salman here.
As I’m abt to start tweeting abt Jaffar Salman, for some reason the electricity turned off in our house #eye4freedom #bahrain @eye4freedomangry arabiya
Freedoom Jaffer salmanالحرية لجعفر سلمان
I don’t kno wat the problem is but I’m sitting in the dark thinking abt wat it cud feel like to loose ones eyesight #eye4freedom #bahrainangry arabiya
Even if ur among family & frnds, being taken care of, the possibility of loosing ones sight is one of the scariest feelings #eye4freedomangry arabiya
its a completely diff story, when ur abt to loose ur sight while u are a political prisoner, living under the mercy of monsters #eye4freedomangry arabiya
Jaffar never spoke abt any mistreatment, except to a cellmate in prison, a cellmate who became a frnd, and who now speaks out #eye4freedomangry arabiya
I will call Jaffers frnd Mohd tho its not his real name… Mohd like Jaffer was injured and imprisoned #eye4freedomangry arabiya
"I was in my cell when I heard other prisoners shout that they had brought Jaffer, I had heard he was badly hurt" Mohd #eye4freedom #bahrainangry arabiya
"It had been more than a month since his injury and arrest, I stood up and walked fast to see a familiar face" Mohd #eye4freedom #bahrainangry arabiya
"It was not the face I expected to see, and he cud not see me. I stood infront of him silent & in shock" mohd #eye4freedom #bahrainangry arabiya
"I was not ready to greet him, I cried silently & gestured to other prisoners not to let him kno I was there" Mohd #eye4freedom #bahrainangry arabiya
"This was not the Jaffer I had known, he came in with both his hands on the wall, walking slowly, face swollen, eyes shut" Mohd #eye4freedomangry arabiya
"When I got myself together, I walked away and came back smiling, I greeted him as if I had just seen him" Mohd #eye4freedom #bahrainangry arabiya
"That was the 1st day of 2 months and a half that I spend in Alwesta prison with Jaffer Salman" Mohd #eye4freedom #bahrainangry arabiya
Mohd also had an eye injury, he lost his sight in 1 eye, he became 1 of Jaffers closest frnds #eye4freedom #bahrainangry arabiya
I asked Mohd, if I tweeted that he had an eye injury, isn’t he scared they wud know who he was #eye4freedom #bahrainangry arabiya
Mohd said "sister do u think it was only me & Jaffer with injured eyes? u can’t imagine how many prisoners had eye injuries" #eye4freedomangry arabiya
Ali Humaidan lost his eye, such as Jaffer Salman, was injured & arrested in #sitra’s massacre #15Mar @angryarabiya Hussain
Be4 Jaffar was brought to Alwesta prison, he was taken to the military hospital, he told Mohd a little abt his experience there #eye4freedomangry arabiya
"He told me that he was in the military hospital for one month and 3 days. He said they were the worst days of his life" Mohd #eye4freedomangry arabiya
"For 1 month & 3 days Jaffer salman was chained to a bed with 4 handcuffs. His arms & legs handcuffed to the hospital bed" Mohd #eye4freedomangry arabiya
"Jaffer was rarely allowed to use the bathroom, every now & then 1 of his torturers wud pour a bucket of water on him" Mohd #eye4freedomangry arabiya
"They taped cottons to his injured eyes & started namecalling him, Jaffer told me how they wud laugh & call him "goggles" Mohd #eye4freedomangry arabiya
RT @angryarabiya: Political prisoner & torture victim Jaffer Salman, abt to loose both his eyes #eye4freedom #bahrain freedom
"But wats worse, was the beatings, they wud hit him, on his face & his eyes, he never knew wen to expect a slap or punch" Mohd #eye4freedomangry arabiya
"I never saw Jaffer as sad as when he told me, he lived for more than a month with his head down, fearin the next beating" Mohd #eye4freedomangry arabiya
"You see Jaffers hands were handcuffed to the bed, he had noway to protect his face, to protect his injured eyes" Mohd #eye4freedomangry arabiya
"Jaffer let me touch the back of his head, to feel the places he was hit with a baton, while lying in the hospital bed" Mohd #eye4freedomangry arabiya
"Jaffer smiled at me and said: don’t blame me if I thank God that I was brought to Alwesta prison… Alhamdulila" Mohd #eye4freedomangry arabiya
This is what Jaffer had told Mohd, but Mohd has a lot to say abt what he saw himself happen to Jaffer at Alwesta #eye4freedomangry arabiya
Only in #bahrain.. During the time it takes to tweet the story of one eye injury, u get two more #eye4freedomangry arabiya
Its heartbreaking, with Jaffers twins who covered their eyes in solidarity with their dad #bahrain arabiya
Read more about Jaffer Salman here.


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